This sausage is typical of the homemade sausage found in northern Italy, especially near the city of Lucca, Tuscany.Brazilians inherited their love for sausage from their European ancestors, including the Portuguese, Italians, Germans, Polish and a number of other nationalities. Now in Brazil, most "churrascos" (barbeque parties) include a course of grilled sausages, and waiters at any self-respecting churrascaria – a barbeque restaurant with parades of waiters carrying huge skewers of barbequed meat – will have at least one skewer laden with sausage. Throughout Brazil, a popular bar snack is a plate of sliced sausages, fried with onion rings and sparked up with a dash of fresh lime juice.

Made with natural skin

Sold only in Adelaide

Sausages are made to order and we’ll send an email when the sausage is ready to collect. This process takes on average one week.

To be collected at The Meat Market - Edwardstown.

Linguiça Toscana - Tuscan Sausage - 1Kg package

  • We work with pre-order process and we will send a collect email when the sausage is ready. This process takes in average one week.


    To be collected at The Meat Market - Edwardstown

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